Quote of the Week: Continuances

“We are a boatful of monsters and miracles, hoping that, somehow, we can
survive a world in which all hands are against us. A world which, by
all evidence, will end extremely soon. Yet, I posit we are in a
universe which favors stories. A universe in which no story can ever
truly end; in which there can be only continuances. If we are in such a
universe, as I hope, then we may have a chance.”

–Reed Richards, 1602

1602 was actually surprisingly decent, overall, for what is essentially just another Marvel Mashup. Induces a wave of expected future nostalgia on seeing the inevitable “High School Musical at the Xavier Institute!” special editions. Oh God, what if someone at Disney sees this post and thinks that’s a good idea!!?

Quote via Alyssa Rosenberg.

PS: I feel lonely. If you’re reading this, say hi, won’t you?


4 thoughts on “Quote of the Week: Continuances

  1. I regularly get into (semi-serious) arguments with deadra wether DC or Marvel is better. I say DC, she says Marvel, I say Vertigo is DC and she says 1602. I probably need to read that one some time. Especially after reading this quote…

    And High School Musical at the Xavier Institute sounds kind of, and I do feel perverse saying that, awesome.

    • Well, DC has Vertigo, which is a whole awesome lineup of titles. 1602 is just one single series, and while it’s good, I didn’t find it nearly as awesome as Sandman.

      And I know, the idea holds, like you said, a perverse sort of fascination.

  2. Found 1602 a little too gimmicky for my taste but yes, the writing wasn’t half bad. Give me DC over Marvel any day.

    Oh but yeah, I got my hands on Batman RIP after months of anticipation and thought it was shit. There really hasn’t been a truly great comic book since Hush and that too, mostly thanks to Jim Lee’s art.

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