An Experiment


I lie in bed and try to remember the scent of your skin
as I press up against it oh so greedily
but I can’t;
your face is flickering
and everything else has already faded away
and now I am alone
I should feel free but I feel scared instead;
they tell me that I’m supposed to, that it will pass, that life goes on
that I’ll look back and laugh and look at it as a little time wasted, at worst, and at best too,
no harm no foul, no hate no sin.

if you were in love, but not with each other,
have you still loved?
Is it still spiritual ecstasy if all it takes is a dose of oxytocin?

2 thoughts on “An Experiment

  1. Is there any way to get the text of this? I suck at only listening to stuff and need to see and read it. And that isn’t made easier by computervoice’s inflection.

  2. I’ve mailed. You can tell me if I should put it up with the post or not.
    (Ok, got a second opinion, so I put it up.)

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