Treacherous Evidence

Paul Krugman pushes out a post assuring his loyal readership that the Republicans will not, in fact, storm back to power in 2010. Which seems likely, because the party is if anything getting even more reactionary, on average. But I find it strange that he would use this graph to argue for his position:

If we look at Obama’s personal position, it seems to have stabilized — and as the Pew people point out, he’s in relatively good shape:


By which I mean, look at Bush! More precisely, this was a man who was so roundly hated all over that you could get a Nobel Peace prize just for displacing him, and his numbers at the start of his term are so close to Obama’s numbers now.

America is a strange place.


2 thoughts on “Treacherous Evidence

  1. Oh. True, depending of course on your definition of “way” higher. But the numbers are still quite startling.

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