I was reading a paper by a friend today, as well as a post/report by another friend, and had some objections to both. For the latter case I think I was able to isolate my precise objections, and for the former I did realize what basically upset me, although when I did it was (partly) a somewhat heartless/selfish approach to the problem.  But I had my reasons, so in neither case did I suffer the indignity of an irrational outburst, even if the only outburst was inside my own head. However, I can’t help wondering if perhaps it’s just some sort of innate bias that I have against the basic claims that both these rather academic articles made. Especially regarding the former paper,  I was quite put off by what I interpreted as the moralizing tone of the article, and what I interpreted as its somewhat radical stance, without finding what it was that I disagreed with, exacly. As I mentioned, I did verbalize these objections properly as I re-read, but I wonder if that was reasoning or rationalization. And that worries me.

If anyone who doesn’t normally visit comes here after seeing my twitter feed, say hi! I want to see if that helps.


2 thoughts on “Bias

  1. Usually, when that happens to me, that I somehow react negatively to a seemingly fine piece of writing, it’s because there’s something there that I really don’t like, even if I don’t see it right away.
    [deadra says it’s usually the basic premises and unspoken assumptions that never make it explicitly into the paper.]

    I don’t think that it’s rationalising an unfounded negative reaction. Sometimes you just don’t see stuff right away, even when you notice it.

  2. That’s what I’d thought, but the thing is, it’s really hard to know for sure, isn’t it? I mean, one of the things about rationalising is that it’s not really obvious that you’re doing it.

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