Quote of the Week: Totally Expected Consequences

Why do boys love sweets so much?  When 6-year old Joey uses his allowance to buy a Clark Bar, this raises demand for sugar.  Brazil is a major exporter of sugar so this raises wages for sugarcane farmworkers in Brazil, diverting Brazilian youth away from their next-best employment as footballers.  Because Brazil is dominant in international soccer, this levels the playing field and makes soccer more exciting internationally thereby raising the demand for soccer balls.  Most soccer balls are made in China where labor and resources in China are now diverted to the production of soccer balls away from other uses.  Hannah Montana CD’s are also produced in China and the resulting drop in supply makes it too expensive for Joey’s sister Clara to buy *The Best of Both Worlds* and Joey gets a kick out of that.

Margarine Revelation

This is funny even for those who don’t normally read Marginal Revolution, right?

PS: It’s a spoof, y’all. Or a “Halloween costume”, as he calls it. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Quote of the Week: Totally Expected Consequences

    • 🙂 They had a really nice spoof going on at cheeptalk.wordpress.com, mimicking the kind of explanations that they usually give in Marginal Revolution. Mocking most kinds of “economic logic”, for that matter. 🙂

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