The New Look

The idea was to find a custom header, which this is not, although the theme has the option- I liked the default one so much that I decided to do away with my attempt at a dark blog header, which I had mostly copied from some guy (I googled for “blog headers”, I don’t even know who I got it from), anyway. It’s much cleaner( but is it clean enough, kalafudra?) and lighter, and although I wish it didn’t have such wide margins, I guess I can live with that. For now, I am content.


6 thoughts on “The New Look

  1. Ummm…I think I’ll go non-committal on this one. I certainly thought your previous theme was extremely cluttered but this one is too clean 🙂 And I didn’t like the pic on the top

  2. Even though I didn’t like your old theme too much, I kinda miss it. It had a geeky charm to it.

    But naice! Just like my (now defunct) blog. Def get a custom header, though.

  3. Hey, no one likes the pic on top? I like the pic on top! At least, I like having a pic on top in the first place!

    Ok, also, I don’t really have anything pseud to replace it with, is the problem 😦 . Any suggestions?

    So, slightly more clutter, all said? 🙂 Problem is, only 3-column theme with a custom header is this digg-3 colum thing, which I don’t really…dig.

    And @bq: thanks!

  4. I like the new cleanness – and I wouldn’t go back to three columns. [Personally, I think there’s enough going on in your one sidebar. ;)]

    I like the header picture, too, but it does give a rather generic impression.
    Maybe you could make a photo of your own bookshelf?

    The only thing that irritates the hell out of me is the size of the font when typing comments. It’s fucking huge. [It could be that that’s a computer-specific thing that only applies to me.]

  5. My own bookshelf is a decent idea, actually, I could try that out. Thanks 🙂 .

    And the size is quite big for me, too, but not irritatingly big, I think.

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