I find this to be very true

The article itself is interesting but no great…what’s the appropriate term there? It’s about a psychologist who wrote a “scientifically rigorous” self-help book. It’s more interesting that it sounds, though.
The Self-Help Psychologist Is In – Freakonomics Blog – NYTimes.com

Q.What’s your take on the debate over the strength of social networking connections, and their ability to have a real impact on our lives?
A.The number of close friends hasn’t gone up over the years. I think what’s changed is the geography of those friends. You may have close friends who aren’t physically that close to you. It is the case that people have extended networks of more shallow networks, but I guess I find it more interesting in the dissemination of information, just how quickly information spreads among those sub-groups, and gets them to come to events, where so many people are meeting up face to face in ways they weren’t several years ago. So my hope would be groups would be getting together more, at some point, which leads to more interaction.

(emphasis mine)
and also,

Q.As a psychologist, what makes the Internet interesting to you?
A.It’s bringing together groups of people who I think would have had trouble finding each other in the past. Sometimes that’s good, sometimes it’s not so good, but I find it fascinating. In terms of things like Facebook—I’m a big fan of self-presentation theory, Erving Goffman’s idea that we have a private, backstage self, and a public, front-stage self, and of course Twitter and Facebook and blogs are all an extension of that front-stage presentation. And what I find funny is how many people are just so bad at hiding what they actually think of themselves. You know, on Facebook, some people can’t stop posting self-taken photos of themselves looking beautiful, as if that’s going to impress anyone.

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