Resolution Review

Man, I suck so badly. I gave up on almost all of these within the first week or so, except the sleep on time one, and that one I gave up on within a month. I didn’t even try. How sad is that?

Well, it’s not all bad. Let’s see. Resolutions were, stripping aside the weird languages I used when I first wrote it:

  1. Do more things I wouldn’t normally do
    I skipped Saarang and went all the way to Jaipur for a literary festival almost solely because of this thing. (And of course, because I wanted to, but I wouldn’t actually have gone otherwise. I think.) Plus I think I’ve been trying to stay in the spirit of this one in ways that I can’t very specifically detail in a blog post (that is a literal statement, not some sort of innuendo or metaphor or anything…I really just don’t want to analyze it right now). So I can actually give myself some sort of “Exceeds Expectations” on this one.
  2. Sleep on time and do more structured things
    Sleep on time didn’t work for very long, but I think it was effective when it did, both for general concentration and just being happier. I signed up for violin class but then again, I missed almost every alternate class. On the other hand, this wasn’t entirely my fault, the timings were really inconvenient and I had my analog assignment to submit every alternate sunday and what am I supposed to do if she blocks of every weekend night? etc.

    I failed miserably at the whole “schedule time for homework” thing. I wonder why. I was actually quite good at making schedules in school. Although looking back I think the reason I made so many was because I could never stick to any one for a long time.

    Overall, I think I deserve a Fail.

  3. “Prioritize”
    This is basically the same thing as the one above, or at least very similar. I am doing better this sem, but only because my courses actually happen to be fairly interesting and intuitive that I don’t have to spend as much time on them and actually listen in class and all that, not because I’m doing any more work. And of course analog is just as bad as ever and I knew it would be just as bad as ever and I didn’t try nearly as much as I should have knowing that. (Although 2nd quiz wasn’t too bad and now I have the feeling that if I study enough I can manage the endsem, too.) And I’m still spending just as much time reading arbit blogs and on facebook-well, a little less on facebook but more on twitter, so that definitely evens out. And “study at least something outside class every day” should really be a lot easier, right? Right?

    That makes this another Fail.

Bah. I was initially going to “re-motivate” myself after writing this post, but it doesn’t seem to have worked. I will try the sleeping on time bit, though. I think that very definitely had an impact.


One thought on “Resolution Review

  1. Ironically enough, I slept at a little past 1 last night, and then woke up at 245 and found myself unable to go to sleep until almost 530. Basically, this was the most unsuccessful lukewarm commitment ever.

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