Endsem update

Three exams down and 2 to go. Two were not quite up to expectations(mostly because my expectations were too high for the effort I put in), but yesterday’s was the most disappointing by far. I’ve had a mild cold and fever for about a week now, and although the paper wasn’t that difficult, I just couldn’t think properly through it. But I have resolved to stop making excuses and just study properly for the last two.

Just as soon as I’m done with this post, at least.

On Friday I have an exam where if I perform the way I have been performing in the quizzes, I am in very real danger of failing a course for the first time ever. And I do NOT want to be repeating Analog IC Design in my final semester here. It already ruined what should have otherwise been a fairly enjoyable sem.

I’ve been watching a lot of Glee over the last week or so-about an episode or two every day- and I am getting more and more dissatisfied with it. First of all, the singing and dancing is still fun, but it gets tiring (maybe I should space it out more?). Secondly, it is entirely absurd that Terri Schuester can hide the fact that she’s not pregnant from her husband. I mean, come on. She’s taping a big…cloth something to her stomach. Even if she claims a headache or nausea or whatever every time, how hard can it be to notice that something isn’t right? I know picking holes in a show like this is silly, but I just can’t get over it.

Also, I didn’t even get it when Mercedes told Puck that “you might be the daddy, but Quinn picked Finn (aside: aren’t the rhyming names a little too much? Quinn and Finn, Sue and Schue?) to be the father” of her baby, and he should just lay off. WTF?

Also, I can’t wait until Finn finds out it’s not his kid. I have a feeling he’s going to be disappointingly nice/understanding/wimpy about it, though.

Also, for once I don’t mind one of the lead characters being this stupid. I’m pretty sure I’d hate someone like Finn in just about any other show.

Also, Dianna Agron is hot

I had the strangest dream yesterday. I’m alone in a tent somewhere-the tent door is open, and I can see trees so it’s probably a forested area-,lying on a mat and watching Glee on my laptop (maybe I brought lots of spare batteries?). It’s drizzling lightly, and the overall effect is quite pleasant. I also happen to have a rope tied  around each ankle, extending out of the tent and far into the woods. Every now and then I’m lifted by these ropes -and I do mean lifted, not dragged, it “felt” like flying, I think- and taken through the trees to a clearing of some sort, but for only a split second, and then I bounce back right into the tent, in the same position that I was lying in before. It’s a bit like bungee jumping, only horizontal, and it feels utterly normal and even fun, the way weird things always do when you’re dreaming.

After a while, I switch off the laptop and zip up the tent and go to sleep. It’s a fairly roomy tent, and I’m pretty sure someone else is meant to be sharing it with me: I get a feeling that someone is missing, even in the dream. I’m not very disturbed by that, though, it’s just a stray thought. I’m woken up in the middle of the night (still in the dream) by water dripping on my back. So I move my sleeping bag or mat or whatever to another side, but just as soon as I get back to sleep it’s dripping there, too, and when I look up I see a huge gaping hole on top, and it’s raining quite heavily. The earlier part of the dream was cozy and pleasant and comforting, but at this point it starts getting a much darker vibe, and I’m shivering and curling up while trying to cover myself up with something.

That was when I woke up.

Any interpretations?

3 thoughts on “Endsem update

  1. Keeping my fingers crossed for your exams.

    And I have no interpretations to offer for your dream, I just wanted to mention that I, too, am growing tired of Glee, if for other reasons. I mean, the plotlines always were ridiculous and I didn’t mind – it’s just that kind of show.
    But that they want to be all inclusive by having a cast that includes PoC and a able-bodied guy playing a disabled character and then still having the entire show devoted to the white characters is frustrating and unnerving and defeats the purpose. And with each episode that doesn’t shift the focus, I get more annoyed.

    • I actually assumed whoever played Artie really was disabled. And yeah, true. And though Ken Tanaka gets a fair bit of airtime, but I just don’t like him as a character.

      • Well, he gets his time in the limelight, but it stops rather quickly, too.
        Though as I don’t like him as a character either, I didn’t really mind that.

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