Things I find annoying:

Not so annoying that I would break off contact with them or anything, but annoying enough that I feel like screaming, just a little, every now and then. Obviously, this is not an exhaustive list.

  • Joining “1000000 STRONG AGAINST WORLD HUNGER” type Facebook groups and posting it all over my wall.
  • Reading a book about the struggles faced by poor people, and telling people how emotional it made you. (Context-dependent annoyance, obviously. This wouldn’t be annoying if you were telling me this to explain why you decided to give up your corporate law/investment banking job to work at a non-profit or even better, a more traditional charity.)
  • “Raising awareness of problems” without raising awareness of any practical solution. Especially if you can’t even explain the problem properly. (Oh, go ahead and guess what I’m talking about.)
  • Many types of political, religious, and philosophical arguments (clearly, not all of them). Particularly the ones that don’t even want to make a point. Especially with people who seem to have taken a vow to never, ever give logical reasons for anything they say. The most *headdesk* cases are where they blatantly state that a logical rebuttal is unnecessary, which of course applies mostly to religious arguments.
  • People who always, always speak in puns. Or cliches. Cliches I can accept if the people are nice enough, but the puns-or PJs, in most cases- can sometimes get a little overwhelming.
  • This post was drafted ages back, last October apparently, and I no longer recall what it was motivated by. I still agree with most of it, though.


    2 thoughts on “Things I find annoying:

    1. Activities of the person who created that Facebook page to end world hunger: “Sleeping, talking on the phone”

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