Fragments from last night’s dream

“My tongue is GREEN!”
“That’s not the only thing!”
Cue disgusting visions of green froth coming out of my mouth. Actually, not too different from when you brush your teeth, but still disgusting.

Sometime later, midway through the ‘quest’:
“But if you remove the dragon ball* from the golden pedestal** china and japan will go to war! China will think they’re taking it to nuke them!”
“We can explain!”
“No, we can’t! They’ll bomb each other before we get to!”
“Well then I don’t care. I’m turning GREEN!!”

This part is supposed to be a flashback, I think. Or equally likely, another dream altogether:
I’m in the restaurant in campus at 1 am or so and I order and I’m waiting for the food when I realize that I’ve ordered far too much. I’m also a little grumpy about the fact that they don’t serve coffee. I stuff myself with the food when it finally comes to the point where it’s painful to eat any more, and then I just collapse right there.

I am apparently very selfish in my dreams. Not that I’m not selfish in real life, but society makes you hide it better. Unless you’re Srivats :).

Also, I know it’s my blog and I’ll rant if I want to, but is this getting painful? Uploading fairly random posts every other day, I mean. Question primarily directed at those who are getting ‘spammed’ on Google Reader/Buzz and Twitter.

It’s raining here and the weather’s really nice but I hve to go back to steamy Chennai in a few days. Which will be worth it if a certain something works out… Will post in two weeks if it does.

* Obviously, I’m substituting. I’m pretty sure I had a cooler name for the macguffin in my dream. Or maybe that’s just because everything seems cooler in dreams.

** Again…this one I just made up, all I remember is that it had some sort of name.


3 thoughts on “Fragments from last night’s dream

  1. I don’t think you’re blogging too much… But then, my reader is probably way above average. 🙂

    Btw, you should probably examine your relationship with the colour green. And China.

  2. Lol. I haven’t really had anything particularly against either. Well, China, all the human rights/communism stuff, obviously. But nothing new 🙂 .

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