Because I have nothing better to do

“Hey, I’M prettier than HER!”, she says, and that’s…true, although it’s not the same kind of prettiness at all. Or maybe it is, and I’m rationalizing, even though I have no incentive whatsoever to rationalize. I don’t know why that cheered me up, but it did.

Being left alone and not being forced to do anything-even if you have things that need doing, I mean- brings out my tendency to over-analyze things.

The Schlum/Harvard intern- which I have deliberately not mentioned on this blog so far, mostly because I wanted to wait until I finally got to go- might not in fact work out, because even though the university has agreed and everything, they’re sending my visa application for “additional administrative processing”, which means it might be delayed so long that they may as well refuse me. At least according to the time they said they’d take. A friend says I might get it back in a week, however, in which case I would still get to go. Fingers crossed, for the moment.

I’m noticing a lot of latent(?) exhibitionist tendencies. As exemplified by this very post. I want to say “God, I’m so bored and pained and goal-less that I’ve been dancing naked in my room listening to Lady Gaga”, even though I know that that can’t possibly be something I would rationally want to signal. (But I will say that it’s more fun than I thought it would be, at least with some sort of artificial supplements. “I’m your greatest friend I’ll follow you until you love me…”)

So that’s pretty much what I’m up to, at the moment.  I had so many plans for the summer…finally lose that extra 5-10 kilos (well, at least some of that extra 5-10 kilos), practice the violin (almost) every day, streamline my reading habits-cut some of the more arbit feeds from google reader and bundle things better so I can read them the way I want to and rely more on long-form things on things I actually want to learn, anyway, so that I’m not just randomly browsing. Instead, I’ve been eating junk food every day and relying on biscuits and puffs for brunch (there isn’t really much else I can eat unless I pay for a proper meal, which I mostly just don’t feel like doing), not so much as touching the violin (although I plan to try that right after I’m done with this post) and spending hours and hours on I AM getting some long-form reading done… in the form of really long Harry Potter fan-fics, mostly ones with very out-of-character Harrys like Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality and “Oh God, Not Again!, which manages to be fun even without posing any sort of a challenge to Harry at all. I love snarky/cool Harry so much more than nice/tormented Harry.

Although I did read the 6th H2G2 book, “And Another Thing”, which was…good, but not quite up to standards. Even Mostly Harmless was not quite as good as the first 4, but that’s mostly because I didn’t like poor Arthur losing the one bit of happiness in his life so soon after he got it. I also read Ashok Banker’s new book, Gods of War, which is to be the first of a series. I don’t think I’ll be picking the rest up, and I’m left wishing I’d just read this on his website when he put it up for “beta-testing” before publication. I plan to do a post on that sometime, though, so I’ll elaborate then.

We will return to regularly scheduled programming by the end of the week, if not before.


5 thoughts on “Because I have nothing better to do

  1. Ah, latest news suggests I’m pretty much fucked as far as the internship is concerned 😦 . Stupid American department of state 😦 .

    And really? Because another friend said that it gave him a headache to read on this background. I rather liked it, though.

    • I guess you can’t please everyone, but I really, really like the design. 🙂

      And since part of my new job is to get a bunch of puberty-ridden teenagers to apply for long-term studying visa, and it’s frustrating just to be a bystander, I totally get how you feel…

    • Oh, really? Because my problem with this book was the overall plot, the ridiculous science-religion, and the ideology that he outlines in some detail in the introduction. I’m not sure I’d say the writing is particularly good, but it wasn’t bad, either, I thought. And one would think all the factors I mentioned aren’t very likely to cause problems in the Ramayana.

      (I don’t actually LIKE some of the basic “morals” of the Ramayana, either, but then that’s a whole different issue.)

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