iPhone woes

Aargh. It’s bad enough that they won’t let me just add music without going through the horrible mess of the iTunes system, but this is a disaster. The stupid thing has crashed mid-sync twice so far, taking hours to do anything, AND when I pulled the plug it’s rendered all my (App-Store purchased;thank god for Cydia!) apps unusable, and DELETED ALL MY PHOTOS, while leaving my music in place, whereas the only thing I really wanted to swap out was the music! And all my books on Stanza are gone, too. Especially considering that I’d lost my ebook collection when I got the new laptop, this is a major pain.

Also every time I plug it in it asks me to restore from backup, which takes ages, although I’m guessing it’s not supposed to. Does anyone have any idea why/what I can do about it?

UPDATE: No help for me now, but for smarter, more careful iphone users, use Sharepod. Portable, simple and doesn’t lose your music.

UPDATE[11:30 AM 30/07]:It seems that after I finish playing every track on the music player it automatically cuts off and returns to the home screen. The same thing happens when I try to skip a track. So it’s almost useless at this point. I’m planning on installing iOS 4 and then jailbreaking and unlocking that (everything was out almost as soon as it was released, apparently), but I don’t think that overwrites any of this so I might have to just find some way to reformat the whole thing, if that’s possible. I’ve backed up my contacts, photos till mid-July (lost everything in NY!) etc and I can back up music through Sharepod if I want to, so now I just want to get this thing working again.

UPDATE [5:20 PM 30/07]: Installed iOS4 and jailbroke it after a ridiculous amount of trouble. Getting it to sync was then an even more ridiculous amount of trouble, but then after refusing to sync because of “internal device error” a few times it magically worked…music, contacts, podcasts, etc. I still need to unlock it and add my jailbreak features (5 icon dock, at the very least), but I need wifi to do that, and I can’t access the campus wifi on this thing. At least it isn’t bricked… worst comes to worst it is now an ipod touch with mic and cam. Unlocking should work, though, at least after some trouble.


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