A Lonely Boy

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lonely boy by AngelsWings

Jebediah was a small boy with a large name. This did not help him make friends. He often took to playing by himself at the corner of the park, and his mother, while concerned, did not want to force the boy into unwelcome company, so she just let him play on. She did try to make sure that his bedtime stories were more about teams of people who did great things together rather than stories of lone heroes, so he heard about the Argonauts long before he heard about Hercules. They were mostly adventure stories, nonetheless, so he grew up with that familiar yearning to go out and explore and be a Hero.

He got his chance the week after he turned ten. There was a field trip. Lonely boys tend to be observant and cautious even when they’re breaking the rules, says the pop culture myth. Small groups of cool kids tend to break off from the main group and be…less cautious. Did their supervisor not know that there are wild foxes, yes, just 6 miles from downtown Boston? Which can attack sufficiently small boys, even in groups of 2 or 3? And that some boys can be paralyzed by fear?

All it takes to scare them off is a few stones thrown with sufficient force, though. And all it takes to be a hero in middle school is an isolated act of courage. That’s enough to keep you cool for a while, if you’re likeable enough. I wouldn’t know. I wasn’t. But little Jebediah was.

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Note: I don’t know if they ever really attack humans, even little kids. But there totally are foxes running around suburban backyards. I also claim no special knowledge of child psychology or middle school rules. I can still empathize with high school kids easily enough, but there’s sufficient difference, as far as I remember.


3 thoughts on “A Lonely Boy

    • Plinky’s nice but like 750 words, I’m nowhere near discliplined enough to do something like that every day, as I’m finding out.

      And thanks 🙂

  1. A sweet story 🙂
    I came to know about the 750 words thing through your blog. Thanks! Cool idea, though I’m yet to get started.

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