Batting for the Other Team

(Or insert the euphemism of your choice.)

OkCupid has another interesting post, this time on gay sex vs straight sex. Lots of random interesting findings, and of course all of this is very specific to the US and probably even just urban US for the most part, but this struck out:



Now, that is a HUGE differential. Not only have almost thrice as many women had/considered having gay sex, they are also far more likely (1.5, by a crude calculation) to enjoy themselves. I thought that was just a movie thing! Is it just that the social attitudes towards lesbianism is to treat it as “play”, whereas male sexual “experimentation” is treated as far more alarming? Or is it because it really is a lot more fun for women? 🙂

Also-and this is pretty depressing- from the charts given in the next part of the article, I think I would much rather go out with a gay woman than a straight one. (Apart from the whole sex bit, of course.)


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