New Theme

I did rather like the old one, but (especially when I have other work to do) I have this periodic itch to go and tinker with things. So here you go: new theme and new header! How is it? I’ll revert if I get enough thumbs down.If both sidebars make it look too cluttered, I can cut one and use the same theme, so mention that, too.

Header image is “We Eat Light” by Brian Talbot on flickr. And the shot was taken somewhere on Comm Ave! I even think it looks a little familiar, but I’m probably wrong, because it’s a really long road.



3 thoughts on “New Theme

  1. I like the picture, but is there a way to make it as wide as the rest of the site? At least when I’m looking at it, it’s about as wide as the site with one sidebar.

    Generally speaking, I’m not a fan of two sidebars, but that’s just a personal preference. I think I liked it better though, when both sidebars were on one side.

    Other than that, I like it. It feels very fresh and I like the color scheme.

  2. 😦 no, I tried, it only takes pictures of this size. It looks a lot less awkward with the sidebars together, though, so I’ve done that.

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