Wikileaks and other things

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Could work for the news about the job too, huh?

First, if anyone still hasn’t read Clay Shirky’s article on wikileaks, please do so, here. It’s not that long, and it is written and reasoned well enough that anyone from any side of this conflict should be able to at least appreciate his arguments.

Why does no one seem to get the fact that Assange is, essentially,a journalist? He’s not the one that leaked the papers after swearing to keep them quiet: whether that was brave/necessary or not, we can at least accept that it is a crime. But Assange is simply the man who distributed the cables, and one can barely even claim that he is distributing it in an irresponsible manner, considering the limited nature of the disclosures so far. (On the other hand, was I ever wrong about them probably not containing anything interesting!). His arrest warrant is of course for an entirely different crime, but the way in which all wikileak‘s lifelines, in terms of hosting space, DNS providers, and money have been cut off, is ridiculous. Shame on Paypal, Amazon, Visa and MasterCard! The charges themselves are a little dubious: the details seem to be just a little bit off.

Oh well. I have a lot more to say, but other people have already said it better than I could. The Guardian has been doing really excellent coverage of this whole affair, and liveblogging it with some frequency, so keep your eyes tuned there. And of course on twitter.

In other news: I got a job! A job offer, rather, to work as a Junior Field Engineer in Schlumberger, which is a company that specializes in oil-field services. It’s a fairly tough job, in terms of both mental and physical demands- half of my interview was the panel trying to scare me out of the job, and there were a few horror stories during our celebration dinner, too – but it’s also a “life of adventure”, at least in some ways, and there are lots of opportunities for travel. Not to mention, the pay isn’t bad, at least by Indian standards, or even standards here on campus.

PS: I have just realized that I have unironically shared a video by Glenn Beck. I’m sorry, my feminist friends. I don’t agree with him, but it IS funny, and more importantly, it puts the “Assange’s a rapist!” allegations in some context. Unless he’s making it up, of course. I don’t think the alleged victims are making it all up, but I do think it’s likely that they’re being pressured in some way, regardless of the Swedish prosecutor’s objections.


9 thoughts on “Wikileaks and other things

  1. Congrats to the job offer! You know that there’s an Austrian vineyard (the specialise in Champagne) that’s called Schlumberger as well. As far as I can tell, it’s not the same company, though. 😉

    When will you start?

    I can’t say anything coherent about the whole wikileaks thing now – I don’t have the time.
    Short story: The rape charges seem weird, but I didn’t read a whole lot about it, so might be I got skewed info only. But they shouldn’t be the point of this debate, they are a story unto themselves.
    In the matter of wikileaks itself – completely pro Assange.

    • 🙂 thanks! I don’t really know when I will start, except that it’ll probably be August or later. I don’t finish college until mid-May, and the actual (official) graduation isn’t until end of July.

      • Lol, it’s a college thing, all the companies come and interview us in December for jobs that we’re supposed to officially take the next fall. Doesn’t really show planning on my part at all. Some of us don’t get jobs until later, of course, but most have some sort of offer by the time December’s over.

  2. First congrats on Schlum-plum job. Have u accepted ?
    Next am following Assange’s travails and cheer him on. More Power to the people ! Governments are just freaking out instead of just letting it go – unprocecutable to say the least. The various service providers, banks, et al. turning tail under pressure says a lot about their courage in taking a stand and/or business sense. Rape in Sweden ! sweet ! Consensual till pressured or bought.
    Then comes your friend who is just so slightly misinformed – champagne simply cannot come from Austria and Schlumberger’s (both oilfield and wine) origins were German.

    • Thanks! I’ve accepted for now, at least. I plan on taking it up as things stand, because it is seems like a really good option.

      I’m actually pretty sure she knows it’s not the same thing, although Schlumberger, despite the German sounding name, is certainly French in origin: it was named after the two French brothers who founded the company.

    • Oh wow, that might just be the most condescending comment I’ve read in a while. [The part about the “slightly misinformed friend”]

      Yes, the Schlumberger family originated in Germany and France. A branch of said family ended up in Austria. And the Schlumberger Champagne comes from that branch. (

      Also, why shouldn’t champagne come from Austria?

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