Nothing to do

How can it possibly be the case that there is “nothing to do” in Chennai? Of course, in any given place with a laptop and a reasonably fast internet connection there are more than enough things that can keep me occupied any number of hours, but leave that aside- Madras is supposedly one of the most “cultural” cities in this country. Surely there’s more to do than whine at the prices of beer in the clubs and dip your feet in the ocean at Besant Nagar Beach?

I have decided that next semester-my last semester- is going to be 4 months of “exploring Madras”. Which essentially means that at least every two weeks I’m going to try and find something to do here in Chennai that I can’t find in…most other places, at least. I have no idea how to do this yet, so any sort of suggestions are eagerly solicited. Given that I’m going home tomorrow this is a really bad time to make this decision, but… oh, I’ll just re-blog it then.


8 thoughts on “Nothing to do

  1. It’s December in Madras. Go listen to Carnatic concerts. They’re happening every day, all the time. Look in the paper or
    You may not find it entertaining if you don’t have a little bit of background on Carnatic music, but it’s a real shame if you’ve been here five years and never attended the music season.

    • Hmm, I learned it at a fairly slow pace for 3 years in middle school. Can’t say I really remember much, though… I mean, I know some bits, obviously. Anyway, you’re right, I can’t miss the music season totally. I guess I should’ve put up this post a while back 😦 .

      I suppose this is one of the problems with never looking at actual newspapers…

  2. Since I don’t know Madras, I’m not sure if my two cents will be of help, but here’s what I’m always planning to do in Vienna (and never get around to doing it). Maybe there are similar things in Madras?

    – take a (walking) city tour & discover the “touristy” side [along the same lines, you could also buy a guide book and see what they suggest you do in Madras]
    – go to the really small, kinda obscure museums (with specialised exhibitions like “The art of Dollmaking between 1932 and 1934”)
    – see if there are some courses/craft workshops that are offered for free/cheap at communal centers or some such and discover your talent as a tablecloth folder πŸ˜‰
    – Festivals are always a good idea. Be it music or film or something else entirely [you wouldn’t believe the variety of film festivals/specials alone that are offered in Vienna – I couldn’t possibly attend them all even though I would like to. And Vienna is not really a “film city”]

    That’s all I can think of right now. If I can think of more, I’ll let you know.

    • LOL@ “The art of Dollmaking between 1932 and 1934″ . I guess I”ll need a bit of prep to do all this, but that might be fun, too πŸ™‚ . The festivals I’m going to actively look out for, the (walking) tour I’m definitely going to do at some point, and the obscure museums, as and when I find them, can be the quota-filling items πŸ™‚ (“whoa, I haven’t done anything these past 2 weeks! Better find myself an obscure museum.”)

  3. Oh, and MGM Dizzee World. You’ve probably seen it on ECR. It’s an amusement park that’s steadily falling into decay but it still has some great rides. It’s worth going to just for the Ranger Swing – a 360 degree pirate ship that will make you fear for your life in a very real way.

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