A Space Dream

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I just had something that I can only describe as a fantasy/thought experiment that ended up as a dream. I was in bed and (I don’t know how this came up, honest) thinking about how the least realistic aspect of Firefly is all those practically rustic “Western” settlements on all the different planets, because it just wouldn’t make any sense to construct a high-tech FTL (they traverse stars, so it has to be FTL) spaceship and use it to ship COWS, of all things. Then I suppose I fell asleep, but if so, I was lucid- in any case, all of a sudden I was in a spaceship, carrying out some sort of routine maintenance tasks, and there was this documentary-style narration going on in the background; a guy with a baritone voice was explaining everything I was doing at the time. I distinctly remember that I identified with both the narrator and the astronaut. I was just gliding through the spaceship and looking at things and then I had to go outside to fix something -I remember thinking the view was awesome, although I don’t have the image in my head any more- and then I had to bring something from outside and push it up through a narrow tube that I also had to squeeze into, which I think was some sort of garbage disposal- the narration in my head is now a female voice talking about how it isn’t actually a garbage disposal, it’s really rather clean, and then I feel chicken bones on my hand and it looks like it came from roast chicken*- which for some reason I wasn’t very scared of, even though I have somewhat claustrophobic tendencies. Then I get back down and something goes wrong and I’m forced to stay in the airlock which has somehow partitioned so that now it’s a really cramped space where there’s barely enough space for me to lie down- or rather, there’s enough space for me to lie down, but not enough to move around or change orientation and I panic and wake up.

Anyway. The point of this story is that if I make enough money I am totally going to be a space tourist someday. (Astronaut is pretty much out of the question already, I think.)

*Were you thinking “that doesn’t make sense, astronauts don’t eat roast chicken with the bone in”? Screw you, it’s my dream.

PS: Oh, wait, I wonder if this had anything to do with the dream. I read it sometime today/yesterday. What do dreams of flying symbolize again?


2 thoughts on “A Space Dream

    • I know! And, for some definition of lucid, this might be my first ever lucid dream. It’s a shame I didn’t try and “control” it, but a lot of this was the sort of thing I’d have reshaped it into, anyway.

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