Revolutions and Saarang

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I’ve had too many things to say and no clear way of saying it, but I figured I should just cut it short and put it up anyway.

First off, how great was Tunisia? How great is Egypt? Apart from the fact that the US is screwing up its reputation in the region more and more every day, and will continue to if the keeps giving the revolutionaries reason to think it’s on Mubarak’s side. And as for Israel, the less said the better. They have reason to be worried, of course(that’s a great one-panel comic, isn’t it?), but one would think the “second best option” is still clear. Meanwhile, check out Al Jazeera English’s live feed for the best coverage you can get on the subject. (In general I don’t have much patience for TV/video any more, though, I prefer short posts/tweets/pictures. But that’s just me.)

Jordan's Queen Rania in the Yellow Oval Room i...

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Jordan feels a little less pressing, but I don’t know if that’s because I don’t know enough -I haven’t actually heard anything about human rights abuses etc. in Jordan (the list on the wiki page sounds only marginally worse than say the US, which, while hardly acceptable, is still not indicative of a regime on the brink of collapse), and a regime change is of course a very chaotic and costly affair to be done in a hurry- or just like the fact that they have a really hot queen. (Who is also rather impressive as a queen.)

Queen Rania of Jordan

Saarang was last week, and it was fun, although there were a few disappointments. That was probably inevitable, though, considering that we had collectively set up ridiculous expectations. First day I went out and tried SPENT (the SPorts and ENTertainment quiz)- I can handle some of the “ent” but none of the “sp”, so this was predictably something of a washout. Then there was Wolf, the kinda-roleplaying game I used to play with friends until a year or so back. This was the first time we’d played it “competitively”, and although I had a good run, I didn’t really get anywhere with that, either. Then there was classical night, which was interesting, although the tribal dance thing the troupe tried looked completely ridiculous.

Much more interesting was the “Popular Nite” concert by KK, at least in terms of how sweaty everyone got. Despite the fact that I don’t catch much Bollywood film music-not knowing the language throws me off a bit- I did recognize most of the songs he did, and he was quite good. I slept off for most of Day 2 but I did manage to catch a truly awesome show by Asaf Avidan and the Mojos, an Israeli band. I even bought- by which I mean, paid money in exchange for a physical product- their latest CD, so you know I’m not kidding. Choreo night was right after that, and it turned out like it always does, meaning that maybe if you’re more into dance than I am you might have enjoyed it.

Then there was The Walk in The Woods and The Breaking of the Ankle and the Mad Dash to the Hospital, but you don’t want to know about that, except to say the visitors had a more painful time than they had hoped for. Suffice it to say, I got back to bed by 10 AM and slept off till almost 5, thereby missing Creative Writing, which was one of the few things I had planned to go for. But not to worry, because I went the next day. For the poetry contest. And got second! I wrote 3 fairly random poems in about 25 minutes, if that, so either the judge was on something or everyone else was really bad, but hey, I’m not complaining 🙂 . I’ll put it up here if I can get the paper back.

The rock show was nice but honestly a little bit of a let-down: the band (Pain of Salvation)was good, I suppose, but something just felt off. There were 2 opening bands, neither of which was really all that great, and although we had taken some precautions in the form of a very reasonable number of tequila shots, the buzz was already gone by the time these guys made it on stage. And they could only stay for an hour and a half- when they decided to do “one last encore” the organizers just cut the power to the mic, which meant that it ended on a low note. Everyone was too tired afterward for the post-show party we had planned, so that was even worse. My friends went and had some fun with the band in their room, so it didn’t end low for everyone, but I got to hear too late and I was too bummed out already anyway.

It wasn’t a bad Saarang overall, though- at least parts of it were really good, like the good concerts and creative writing and just wandering around, and some parts will probably be remembered fondly later, like the drama that got us to the hospital and the game of paintball in which I lasted only 2 minutes and still got bruised.


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