I Got a Tumblr

I realized that I need something a little longer/more visual than twitter, which I use almost exclusively for links, so this is something I could probably make work. It would mean that blogging here will become even more infrequent than it already is, though, because I would want to reserve it for when I actually have something serious to say. But that’s not a bad idea, huh?

Also, I’m looking for both a better name and a better url, in case anyone has suggestions.


3 thoughts on “I Got a Tumblr

      • Depends on whether you want anyone to “get” the title. The obscureness is inversely related to the number who get it. 🙂

        Always nice to go with something vague that has a nice ring to it, even for those who don’t know where it came from. Especially if it’s a general blog.

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