Sleepy Writing

Findecano Coamenel was walking down the street when he looked down and realized that something just didn’t feel right. Why was he wearing green felt? Elves aren’t supposed to look like leprachauns! Stupid movies. When he saw Olo Bumbleroot approaching, he searched his pockets for a phone so he could pretend to look busy, but all he found was a piece of magic kindlewart bark (looks a little iridescent, but feels like good honest kindlewart bark, and just as effective in your potions for half the price!). Olo was already in front of him now, so he looked up and smiled sheepishly. Olo wore the same blank smile he always wore. They grunted and nodded for five unbearable seconds, and then Olo paralyzed Fin for about five hours and left him sitting in an ice tub with his kidney torn out. Interpol has a description, but it’s really tough to catch a man with Basilisk eyes. Hard to motivate your agents to even look.

Don’t even ask.

I need ideas for funny stories set around some sort of apocalypse or more generally existence-altering events. Paper’s due in just one week, and lots of work left in between. Suggestions?


7 thoughts on “Sleepy Writing

    • The course just asks you to “create and explain a humorous work”, which can be anything from stories/poetry/plays to videos, flash games, whatever. I thought this was easiest. I picked the sub-topic myself, partly because I find that stuff fascinating (hardly unique there, am I?) and because I already have one story written that fits the bill and that was sufficiently well-received.

    • Oh, and we have a creative writing course, or at least I think we do. This one is Readings in German Literature and Culture, with an emphasis on Humour in (above).

      • Seems tragic to have to explain a comedy. Here’s an idea that combines fan fiction with new territory. Pick a classic story you like, and dress it up in new clothes — Brave New World in an Indian context, or a steampunk Lord of the Rings. You have the skeleton on a story, and the humour (apart from puns and pratfalls) comes from transposing it into an unusual setting.

        (I wanted to do this with the Mahabharata — turn it into interplanetary sci-fi like Battlestar Galactica, but who has time for that?)


      • I know, but unfortunately, that’s the assignment.

        Nice idea. I’d considered similar things, actually, but given up because I thought it would take far too long. I read far more novels than short stories, so… I guess I could condense, but again, not a very easy task.

        Steampunk Star Wars is quite awesome 🙂 .

  1. After a short brainstorming, here’s what came to mind:
    You could
    – go with the Machine of Death premise (
    – do something along the lines of the beginning of Shaun of the Dead where he doesn’t even notice the apocalypse is happening.
    – take your cue from Terry Pratchett and use his various horsemen of the apocalypse.

    Existence-altering could be any kind of transformation, really. Like struggling with the change into some preternatural creature or the other way round. There’s a lot of comic potential there.

    Hope that helps! Let me know if I can do more. 🙂

    • All pretty good, thanks! I’d do the Terry Pratchett thing but I didn’t want it to be total fan fiction. Although I did start working on something that was basically a Riverworld fan-fic i.e. the concept’s almost exactly the same. Got stuck on that, though. My protagonist was Lindsay Lohan. She was just about to meet Charlie Sheen when I thought it was getting too campy 🙂 .

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