I handed in my institute ID card today. It feels a bit weird, but not in quite the way I had expected.

Just walking around is a complicated endeavour now, because every time I see someone there is this sudden realization that I might never see them again, especially with people I’m not as close to.I talk to them even if I don’t feel like it, just in case. I have a feeling there’s far too many people I should say goodbye to that I just haven’t, yet. I don’t even know who I’m missing.

I have far too many books and clothes to lug away by myself and I will probably have to mail some of it, but the more troubling question is how much of the miscellaneous junk lying scattered around is worth saving. Probably nothing at all, but I doubt I will be able to just leave it all here. There are old birthday cards and CDs and coordinator badges and a screw-driver set and tiny notebooks I’ve barely written in and the violin that I should really give to someone who knows how to play it. But maybe I can still learn.

4 thoughts on “Leaving

    • Used exactly once, unsuccessfully. Bought at the tail end of this sem. Mostly because, isn’t it strange to do 5 years of electrical engineering and not have one?

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