No power or water at home for most of today (heavy rain/lightning/some combination of them blew out a transformer, and people doing various home improvement-type things ended up drilling through some pipe and emptying the tank.) Currently at my grandparent’s house.

Also, torrential, continuous rain means I can’t go out anywhere. But of course this is Kottayam and it’s not as if there’s that many places to go, anyway.

The irritating thing about Bleach is not that the dialogue is stupid, but that apparently using their brains in a fight is forbidden only to the good guys, not the bad ones. What is it with so much of pop culture that being smart is associated with being evil?


2 thoughts on “Dammit

  1. With respect to the last part, about being smart == evil. Maybe bleach is like that, but not all series.
    One example is DeathNote, where good and evil forces were equally smart.

    • True, but Death Note is rather special. And not to mention that we find the smart/evil protagonist a long time before we find the counterbalancing smart guy!

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