I barely started on and am (more or less) giving up on the slow-carb diet, mostly because my mother keeps nagging me to eat something else and partly because it’s just not very easy to do here. I’m still going to drink my coffee black and skip sweets and eat fewer carbs, but there’s just no way to live in this town and cut carbs completely. And screw it, I’m going to eat fruits, at least. I need something sweet after a meal.

The car I use, the old Honda City, has some sort of problem with the starter. Since I’ve managed to scrape 2 of the 4 corners in the month that I’ve been here (1 more than once) they really don’t trust me to take out another car, meaning that I need to walk or use autos (or buses, but that’s ridiculously hard and not even possible for most places I want to go) if I want to get anywhere, which makes things a little inconvenient. And there aren’t that many places to go, anyway, and no one to visit.

Speaking of which, I’ve been home for a whole MONTH! 10 days of which was spent in Mumbai, Delhi and Leh (I’ll put up a short post and maybe some pictures soon- some are being uploaded on facebook as I write this) but even so, that’s just far too long. And, I wil be jobless until mid-August, at the very least. The HR people tell me that they don’t have a posting for me yet, which means that not only do I not know when I’ll join, I don’t even know where or in what precise segment. There are trips planned- Chennai for my convocation in 2 more weeks, and maybe a much shorter version of the Europe tour that I had hoped I could do earlier, mostly with family- but this is really a huge wait. I suppose I should enjoy the time off while I can, though.

I remember seeing the trailers for Transformers 3, thinking it would probably be crappy, and knowing that I still would end up watching it. And I did. And oh, fuck me, but was it.


4 thoughts on “Random

    • Oh yes. Given up, actually, doing England+Scotland instead, partly because of time factors but also because I have some company for that . Europe is still on the agenda, but for much later, and probably in pieces. πŸ™‚

      • How disappointing… mostly for me, because England and Scotland are awesome, but still! πŸ™‚

        Different, though not entirely unrelated question: will you be in India in spring 2012?

      • Ooh, are you planning a visit? Yeah, I suppose so, but I honestly don’t know. The job involves a lot of travel, and I certainly should have joined by then, so it’s pretty unlikely that I’ll be in some convenient place. Might be, though, ask me when it’s closer!

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