I’m going to the UK!



And yes, I realize it’s terrifically bad timing to go to London. Which is ironic because I was feeling rather lucky to be going at what I thought was rather good timing, before these riots started. And now people are talking about curfews and even the upscale neighbourhoods are getting torched, and… argh. I will now proceed to ignore it for the rest of this post.

Downtown Edinburgh



I’m going to England! To London and Cambridge and Oxford and Bath and Stonehenge and Brighton! I’m going to Edinburgh, and the Festival (and the Fringe) is on! I won’t have a laptop, so I won’t be online that much, although I am taking my new iPhone 4, so I should hopefully be able to check in every now and then. This time, at least, I hope I’ll be able to write up something about the trip.


One thought on “I’m going to the UK!

  1. Naice..what is this for? Schlum? Btw, I will be in Paris for student exchange for 3 months starting September. Do tell if you have any plans of jumping the English channel.

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