I Now Think Exclusively in Facebook Statuses

Newest first. My trip, if anyone’s interested, was Mumbai->Seattle->Calgary->Banff->Vancouver->Cruise up to Alaska, down to Seattle (5 days)->Vancouver, again (3 days, 1 in Victoria)->Seattle->Cochin.
The Space Needle and the Monorail feel like it’s part of some large theme park. I love it!
Man, no wonder people in cold countries hate the rain.
Canada has an FTA with the US, doesn’t it? What’s with the complicated customs checks?
If we’re going south along the pacific coast shouldn’t all the lights be to our left?
Crazy, Stupid, Love is quite nice and I get why everyone wants to bang Ryan Gosling but what is with that second comma? It doesn’t even have the pedigree.
Apparently the average weight gain on a 7-day cruise  on one of these things is 7-10 pounds, but I’m hoping to beat the curve. (Update: no I didn’t. Smack in the middle of the distribution 😦 )
Finally done with A Dance With Dragons. I am pretty mad at GRRM, though. Sadistic bastard.
Cold cold cold cold cold!
Well, at least it isn’t ALL old people.

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