Monday morning

Sadness is irritating. Melancholy steals up as self-pity at the oddest moments, with no warning whatsoever. It then quickly generalizes. Sadness is contagious in a different way than happiness is. (But thank God happiness is.)

I just watched Beginners. It was sweet. And sad. Melanie Laurent cries beautifully.

My first offshore hitch is just about to end. There’s something very freeing about having the logging unit all to myself and not having to share it with someone else. Loneliness is sort of inherent in the situation anyway. If you only have a limited set of people that you’re trapped with in the middle of the ocean (or a few miles from shore, as the case may be, you need a chopper to get you in anyway) then the chances are you’ll get sick of them sooner or later. Rationing is critical.

I still haven’t managed to catch a sunrise or a sunset, even though I’m awake at both times, usually. The sunrise is on the side that the mast and most of the hoopla of the rig is, but I bet I could still click some lovely pictures if I tried.

I am listening to Elvis croon love Me Tender and dissolving in a placid puddle of self-absorption.


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