Election Notes

This is going to be short and bittersweet.

What we can hope for:

  1. An end to patronage politics (for poor and middle class people, I mean. Ending it for rich people will probably take a whole while longer.)
  2. An end to Rahul Gandhi’s political ambitions.
  3. A more rational economic regime (which, yes, basically means more free markets).
  4. A government that functions without having to appease a million competing coalition interests, and therefore more efficiently.
  5. (ADDED) A Uniform Civil Code. I honestly have always thought this was a good idea! How did we live with this mess of religion-specific laws for so long? Implementation will be an issue, obviously.

What we shall pray against:

  1. (Even more) Second-class citizen status for Muslims (and also Christians, Sikhs, Jains, Parsis and all the rest; but at least they have not been targeted as much)
  2. Nuclear war with Pakistan
  3. Touch my beef and I will cut you.

What we shall be resigned to:

  1. An inescapable wave of chauvinistic triumphalism

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