Firefly totally, completely, mind-blowingly awesome. All the characters are awesome, the setting is awesome,  the theme song is awesome(and I didn’t even know I liked that kind of music!),the humour is awesome-standard Joss Whedon humour, just like in Buffy, but it feels even more awesome in this show, I don’t know why- and even the overall tenor of the story… the space western concept and Mal’s disregard for rules and the general frontier lifestyle is awesome. Morena Baccarin is also really awesome, even in the one episode of How I Met Your Mother that I’ve previously seen her in.I can’t believe I didn’t see it before now. And I finally see what all those people who were trying not to get Dollhouse canceled even before the show started were thinking. Not that Dollhouse is anywhere near as awesome, of course.

Right, I’ll update this and make it less hysterical and more of a review in a little while. Till then, enjoy:

No, I mean this.  Enjoy this:

“Average Female Scientist”

And I had no idea. Well, at least now I know I definitely don’t have Asperger’s.


Click to read the text.

UPDATE: Click here to take it.

For the record, I don’t know quite how this came about, and it’s not really a good indicator of where I stand, because for a lot of the choices I wasn’t really sure what to put, and just ended up winging it(there’s 50 questions, so the temptation is very much present). Also, while I will accept that men, in general, are more geeky than women, in general, I’m a little surprised that “average female scientist”  considered less geeky than “average man”.  That just seems like pushing it.

The Working-Around-the-Crack Desktop

Said crack being a non-negligible chunk of the lower right corner of my screen. I had to move the taskbar up so I could see the clock and access my system tray. Others are all minor adjustments.


By the way, Jason Mraz was awesome when I made my first mix CD, and he’s still awesome. Anyone who likes…folkish, pop-ish, jazzish music, I suppose, will totally love him.

Oh, and keyboard has gone mad again.

The Weird Gadget Dream

Here it goes:

I’m in my college room, except it’s not actually MY room, it’s more like a generic (but much nicer than in real life) hostel room with a big bed and a chest of drawers and generally more western look…I think there’s a carpet, which is probably what made me think of it as western. I’ve just bought a new netbook, which says “Toy Edition” in big silver letters somewhere on the bright red cover- which of course means I’d never actually buy it, but for whatever reason I dont mind it in the dream.

[Note #1: My laptop has been on the fritz for a while now, and I’ve been thinking of getting it replaced. I’d been thinking for a few days that if i get a decent intern, I can buy a netbook, possibly a proper laptop, even if my father says no].

Another weird image that might not be from THIS dream: my old dysfunctional laptop, except now it looks like appropriately shaped blocks of gleaming black marble, which I have newly WASHED, to sell, of all things).
Meanwhile, my mother has come to visit, and we chat for a while and then she leaves. which of course is also unrealistic.( Because she stays. For a long time. And then takes me somewhere outside. And keeps talking, and talking. Which I don’t really mind, I guess, given that she only comes once a year, at most- I generally go home). A little after she leaves, I realize I never told her that I bought the new netbook. Then, I’m lying on the bed and I move around, and something falls to the floor. I feel it and it’s my cellphone, and it’s back cover is sort of chipped/broken. But I just go back to sleep. Then I wake up (still in the dream ) and on top of the chest of drawers I find the cell phone, which is still chipped, and which I suddenly realize is my FATHER’S.

[Note #2: my father uses 2, I think sometimes 3 cell phones at a time, and uses them a lot, to the extent that he goes through phones quicker than anyone I know. After a while the sweat from his palm corrodes the keys on the phone so much that the numbers are all smudged.]

As it turns out, in the dream I’m mostly happy about the netbook because even though it says “Toy Edition”, it has a nice swiveling, “flattenable” screen and it’s really comfortable to read ebooks with. Like a touch screen, although I dont think this one was a touch-device.

The room is a little dark, so I don’t notice everything at first (also, of course, it’s adream, details are usually not in great supply). But then suddenly I see that on the corner of the top of the chest of drawers is a Kindle. Which in the dream is actually some curved, cooler looking thing, although I do recognize it as a Kindle (which, if you didnt know, is Amazon’s ebook reader. All of you DO know, right? RIGHT?)

Now, I realize that the netbook, which I primarily bought as an ebook reader is now slightly pointless, because my mother (or father, because im guessing if his cellphone’s here, so is he) had bought me a Kindle as a surprise gift. At this point, the alarm by my bed rings, and I wake up. For real. EXCEPT, the alarm rings in my HEAD. The REAL alarm by my REAL bed was set to ring in another 4 minutes.

I can’t be the only one who thought that was weird, right? If anyone (ideally, of course, someone who knows me, if it’s to mean anything) cares to interpret it for me, feel free to do so in the comments. Or elsewhere, if you think it’s totally the right interpretation and you figure it’s something I’d rather everyone else didn’t know .

Thought of the Day; or possibly, your Bonus Quote for this week.

Courtesy Bhaskar Ramamurthy, who offered this delightful tidbit before going on to explain how clock recovery(indigital communications) works like kicking a dog just at the right time and at the right intervals so that it keeps on howling, and how even though you can apply a “negative kick” every now and then, on average you should do it the normal way.

“It’s a very useful principle for getting things done, of course, but every now and then it’s a good thing to think outside the box and free yourself from causality.”

Of course, I have no idea what it means, really- well, I ALMOST do, in the sense that he meant it, which refers to causality in the strict electrical engineering system properties sense, but it still sounds pretty cool, coming from a prof. Man, he is SO like House!!!

In other news, screwed up all quizzes to date, with relative performance(to rest of class, which is what matters after all when you’re being graded on a curve) worsening by the day. Tomorrow’s is supposed to be easy, but then so was yesterday’s, On the other hand, twisting things is not his style, so I hope I’m safe. IF I finally get down to studying, that is.

Quote of the Week: Mathematics of Existence

When Jesus said “I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last.”, he probably was telling us the initial conditions. Thankfully, he left the Hamiltonian for us to work out!

–Aakarsh Simha

I know, a little bit TOO nerdy, but it’s totally worth it if you get it, I promise. I’d link to the wiki article, but you’re probably not going to grasp it quickly if you didn’t already know it, anyway.



That’s John Scalzi‘s kid daughter Athena, by the way. Which feels a bit weird, but hey, the setting’s just beautiful. Click through for the full size version, which for some reason still seems to have noticeably degraded quality, I don’t know why, I’m just using default jpeg compression.

I’m using CD Art Display with Winamp, which is pretty cool. Even if the covers aren’t embedded, you can set it to show any image in the song folder. It’s got a lot of skins, although I’m just using the default version. The quote and everything else is embedded with Samurize.

PS: Quizzes are going on, and it’s pretty tight, but I will start posting in earnest again from the weekend.

Nerdy Pickup Lines

Picked up here and there… I swear, some day I’m going to actually try some of these out!

Normally, I hate it when I have to explain jokes, but since I didn’t make them up- and since some people might not get the references- I think I will, anyway. Just the weirder ones.

-You, me, here… this couldn’t be any better if I programmed the holodeck myself!

-Your mouth says, ‘Shields up!’, but your eyes say, ‘A hull breach is imminent.’

-Honey, you’ve been looking for love in Alderaan places!

Alderaan as a pun for “all the wrong”, a planet in Star Wars.

-I may look like an Ewok, but I’m all Wookie where it counts, baby.

Ewoks are small, Wookies are big and hairy. Guess that’s clear from context, but still. Star Wars. Again.

-What’s a girl like you doing in a place like this when there’s a Farscape marathon on right now on the Sci Fi channel.

-I’ve been told I have the cool sexual prowess of a Romulan.

Does it even matter what Romulan is?
-Once you make love to a man with Vulcan ears on you never go back.

As opposed to “once you go black…”’
-How ’bout I slip into something more comfortable… like these STAR TREK VOYAGER pajamas!

-Someone must have shot you with a phaser set on ’stunning’.

-Tell me of this thing you humans call (pause) love.

-Forgive my Kirk-like boldness, but you wanna go back to my mom’s place and watch ‘Dr. Who’?

-Nice Asimov.

“nice ass.”
-With my IQ and your body we could begin a race of genetic superchildren to conquer the earth.

-If I was an enzyme, I’d be helicase so I could unzip your genes

-I less than three you. (I ❤ you)

I <heart> you.

-Would you like to be the numerator or the denominator?

Please, please get this.
-What’s your sine? It must be pi/2 because you’re the 1.

– You’re like an exothermic reaction; you spread your hotness everywhere!

-You know, it’s not the length of the vector that counts; it’s how you apply the force.

-Hi, I’m writing a new make-out program. Would you like to join the beta-test?