Resolutions ’10

It remains to be seen whether I’ll really stick with any of them, of course, but it’s worth a try, isn’t it?

1)Do More Stupid Things, and Try Harder at Them

Because I try far too hard not to, right now. This specifically involves doing fun-but-embarrassing and interesting-but-(I’m)not-too-good-at things. Also, speaking in various cliches, it involves “putting myself out there”, and “do it trembling if you must, but do it!”

2) Re-prioritize

Specifically, this means that I should spend at least as much time on any given day studying or doing something to materially “advance my prospects”- or just anything more focused on something I like doing; I could also try generally trying something fun in terms of coding, for example, because improving my coding skills is a good secondary “focus”, too- as I spend reading feeds or on facebook, twitter and the like. I’m honestly not sure how well this will work, because currently I spend FAR more time on all the rest than on anything really useful. But we’ll see.

3) Realize that Structure is not the same as Defeat*

Specifically, have a more scheduled life in general, and stick to it. Wash my clothes every week and not just when they run out. Wake up and go to bed at a sufficiently early time (say, 11-7) everyday, not just when I have an 8 o’ clock class or when I have nothing better to do.  Set aside some non-negotiable time for studies, however small that period may be.  (Correlated with 1) Get involved in more structured activities with rigid time periods and don’t worry about making time, make time.

*Makes more sense if you understand that I’ve long been a bit of an anarchist with respect to these things. Oh, I love to make lists and I’ve experimented with GTD and any number of productivity systems and tools, but I was always trying to find some way of abstracting whatever seemed worthwhile in these things while still maintaining a “carefree” existence. It hasn’t quite worked out that way, in any case.

PS: I find it strange that I can’t quite figure out which of the many categories that I’ve already listed this post would fit into. Or what I would name a new one, if I created one for this.

More Quotes, From Overcoming Bias

“I normally thought of “God!” as a disclaimer, or like the MPAA rating you see just before a movie starts: it told me before I continued into conversation with that person, that that person had limitations to their intellectual capacity or intellectual honesty.”
— Mike Barskey
“You can only compromise your principles once. After then you don’t have any.”
— Smug Lisp Weeny
“Introducing a technology is not a neutral act–it is profoundly revolutionary. If you present a new technology to the world you are effectively legislating a change in the way we all live. You are changing society, not some vague democratic process. The individuals who are driven to use that technology by the disparities of wealth and power it creates do not have a real choice in the matter. So the idea that we are giving people more freedom by developing technologies and then simply making them available is a dangerous illusion.”
— Karl Schroeder
“The popular media can only handle ideas expressible in proto-language, not ideas requiring nested phrase-structure syntax for their exposition.”
— Ben Goertzel
“Who thinks they’re not open-minded? Our hypothetical prim miss from the suburbs thinks she’s open-minded. Hasn’t she been taught to be? Ask anyone, and they’ll say the same thing: they’re pretty open-minded, though they draw the line at things that are really wrong.”
— Paul Graham

The Sweet Taste of…

Guess who RAPED the first management quiz(well, hopefully-won’t know till I get the papers back, of course).
Guess who went into the microprocessor lab with no fundaes whatsoever on verilog or fpgas and still finished ahead of everyone else.
Guess who is (one of three, but still) the Creative Writing Coordinator for Saarang 2009.
Guess who totally doesn’t give a shit about the fact that it’s the-guy-who-picks-on-me(him? bah, coherence is for pussies)’s quiz tomorrow and he should really do well on it or he’ll be picked on for the rest of his life. Or the sem, whichever ends first.
Guess who’s still experimenting on, which is why this post can’t be any longer

FSM, Neo and Morpheus: the webcomic!

FSM Neo and Morpheus
Tried out with more of fd’s flickr toys, the captioner, and it struck me that this would be a very quick way to make a webcomic. Not that I have any intention of starting one seriously, but I made an attempt to see how easy it is. And the results: technically, very easy, but getting the idea is a lot harder than it seems. As attested by the admittedly lame image you now see.