The Working-Around-the-Crack Desktop

Said crack being a non-negligible chunk of the lower right corner of my screen. I had to move the taskbar up so I could see the clock and access my system tray. Others are all minor adjustments.


By the way, Jason Mraz was awesome when I made my first mix CD, and he’s still awesome. Anyone who likes…folkish, pop-ish, jazzish music, I suppose, will totally love him.

Oh, and keyboard has gone mad again.



That’s John Scalzi‘s kid daughter Athena, by the way. Which feels a bit weird, but hey, the setting’s just beautiful. Click through for the full size version, which for some reason still seems to have noticeably degraded quality, I don’t know why, I’m just using default jpeg compression.

I’m using CD Art Display with Winamp, which is pretty cool. Even if the covers aren’t embedded, you can set it to show any image in the song folder. It’s got a lot of skins, although I’m just using the default version. The quote and everything else is embedded with Samurize.

PS: Quizzes are going on, and it’s pretty tight, but I will start posting in earnest again from the weekend.

My New Desktop

I’ve been wanting to use this picture for a very long time. Click for the full-size version.

The Natalie Portman desktop

The Natalie Portman desktop

It’s not a very altered shell- I thought about making it look more like a Mac/Linux clone, but after a few experimental runs, I found that I simply like the familiarity of Windows for daily use. Even ObjectDock is useless, so chances are I’ll be getting rid of that as well, soon.

Double clicking the progressbar for the drive space on either drive opens up that drive, double clicking the RAM progressbar opens up MKN Task Explorer, and doubleclicking the to-do list opens up…the to-do list. The music player display is a bit more streamlined…just a title and progressbar.  Anything more would have meant some text shows up even when nothing was playing, which I found a little irritating last time.

In other news, finally watched Slumdog Millionaire, and aside from the fact that no kid from the slums could possibly have that accent( and no, I don’t think this is just my prejudices coming through or anything, most Indians who talk daily in english still maintain much more of an accent than he does; Dev Patel is good, but it’s pretty obvious that he’s from England*) I loved the movie. It’s (as far as I can tell, because I have very limited experience of this side of India) a more or less realistic adaptation of life in the slums and the streets of Mumbai, and it manages to be gritty and uplifting at the same time.

*imdb’s trivia section says “After failing to find a suitable actor in India”…really? Just how hard did they search?

My Desktop

I’ll let the picture do the talking. I’m using ObjectDock(not really useful, and worth it only for the eye candy), Launchy(which helps me eliminate pretty much all icons from my desktop), this tiny thing called DColor XP that lets me put the small tiled icons instead of regular sized monstrosities,and Samurize, with a mostly custom configuration, particularly the middle bit. It has disk space monitors on both drives, and CPU and RAM usage monitors(shaded is used, purple’s free), as well as a Winamp display: just song,album,artist and elapsed time. The clock I obviously copied from the Samurize site…thank you, guy-who’s-name-I-forgot. Below that is my to-do list; I’m actually keeping one now, as part of my “get your life into shape” plan. Not really working out that well so far: mostly, I think, because these are all very general, non-time limited goals. Well, I’ll fix that soon enough.

I was inspired by this guy, although I couldn’t go as far as he did. Specifically, no Yod’m 3d, Taskbar Shuffle, Start Killer or AutoHotKey. Or even the Google Desktop Sidebar thing, because I don’t have enough RAM to spare to run it and Launchy concurrently. Thanks, dude!

Meanwhile, not a single major game I’ve installed so far(Overlord, Heroes of Might and Magic V, and Deus Ex 2: Invisible War) has worked. I’m thinking it’s a systemic problem. They’re not even loading, it’s just returning a generic “unable to open this file” error. Any advice?