My Geek Code

GE/L/P d(+) s:+ a– C+(++) UL P L+(++) E(-) W+++ N++ o? K w(+) !O !M !VMS PS+(+++) PE++(-) Y+ PGP t 5? X R tv+ b+++ DI+ D+ G e++>+++ h- r z?

Man, that was LONG!I’m not supposed to be this jobless!


for indicating “cross-overs” or ranges. Geeks who go from C+ to C— depending on the situation (i.e. mostly “C+”)                could use C+(—).

Placed BEFORE the category. Unless stated otherwise, indicates that the person refuses to participate in this category. This is unlike the ? variable as the ? indicates lack of knowledge, while the ! indicates stubborn refusal to participate. For example, !E would be a person that just plain refuses to have anything to do with Emacs, while E? would be a person that doesn’t even know what Emacs is.


for ‘wannabe’ ratings. Indicating that while the geek is currently at one rating, they are striving to reach another.
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