This is probably just an egotistic thing…

…but how do I not know this guy? Douglas Engelbart, that is.  Or The Mother of All Demos, where he introduced:

the first computer mouse the public had ever seen, as well as introducing interactive text, video conferencing, teleconferencing, email and hypertext.

The first computer mouse held by Engelbart showing the wheels that directly contact the working surface.

I mean, Jesus Christ, this is back in 1968, this guy should have temples dedicated to him by now.

Wikipedia has answers,though, as always:

Engelbart slipped into relative obscurity after 1976 due to various misfortunes and misunderstandings. Several of Engelbart’s best researchers became alienated from him and left his organization for Xerox PARC, in part due to frustration, and in part due to differing views of the future of computing. Engelbart saw the future in timeshare (client/server) computing, which younger programmers rejected in favor of the personal computer. The conflict was both technical and social: Engelbart came from a time in which only timeshare computing was achievable, and also believed in joint effort; the younger programmers came from an era where centralized power was highly suspect, and personal computing was just barely on the horizon.

Referred from Engelbart As UberTool?