Sexual Dystopia

There’s an interesting if not very useful (I think, for the purposes I assume he’s doing it for) post by Eliezer up at Overcoming Bias. It would make a reasonably interesting meme, I suppose. The idea is this: you look at various aspects of our lives( he takes economic, sexual, governmental, technological and cognitive) and write down whatthat aspect would be like in a utopic society, a dystopic society and what he calls a ‘weirdtopic” society, which is something that may be totally creepy or weird but may or may not be “better”.* He seeded the discussion by putting the first 2 of each, and kept his ‘weirdtopic” ideas to himself. I got a laugh out of his idea of sexual dystopia:

  • Dystopia: 10% of women have never had an orgasm.  States adopt laws to ban gay marriage.  Prostitution illegal.

*The idea being that if anyone from,say, 2 centuries ago was teleported to this time, he/she would be totally repelled and disgusted, although we would almost certainly agree that Now is better than Then, for pretty much most of Now compared with most of Then, if not just some sections against others.