Quote of Whenever I Feel Like It: Life Imitating Art

“…who we are and how we relate to each other grows out of the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves and about each other. In a very real sense, who I am is the way I’ve lived out my story about myself, and how I treat you is the way I live out the story I have about you. These are stories that talk about where we’ve come from, where we are going, and how we plan to get there.”

–Mira Kirshenbaum, talking about Michael White talking about his book with David Epston, Narrative Means to Therapeutic Ends. Go read this for more.

Quote of the Week: This is why I love Murakami

“Sometimes when I look at you, I feel as if I’m gazing at a distant star. It’s dazzling, but the light is from tens of thousands of years ago. Maybe the star doesn’t even exist anymore. Yet sometimes that light seems more real to me than anything.”

–Haruki Murakami, South of the Border, West of the Sun

He can describe exactly what I’m feeling-or a more poetic version of it-even when I think it would be completely indescribable.

Quote of the Week: A Fundamental Problem

“The thing we value most of all is youth, which means that life automatically becomes depressing, because life consists, on the whole, of getting old.”

–Michel Houellebecq

From this interview, which I found “charming throughout” (to channel Tyler Cowen). I don’t know why, really, because it was not that interesting, and he isn’t that nice. But there’s a certain…boring truth to what he says that I found quite refreshing.